Ministry Teams
Ministry Teams

Planning for mission in a world that is undergoing such radical change as is taking place today necessitates a new way of being church. Doing "business as usual" will no longer work. Incremental program changes, such as minor tuning and adapting, will be insufficient. What is needed is innovation that is re-orienting and re-creating. The Conference seeks to move beyond a mode of institutional survival to a strategy of transformation.

The Conference has established Ministry Teams to nurture this strategy of transformation throughout the Conference. These Ministry Teams provide processes and resources to local churches who seek renewal, transformation, and stronger programs for youth and young adults.

There are three key components to this strategy:
Congregational Revisioning and Renewal
Ministry Teams help congregations to assess their needs and suggest resources to meet those needs.

Building Community in Diversity
Ministry Teams work with congregations and groups of the Conference to embrace God's gift of diversity in order to strengthen our mission.

Youth and Young Adult Ministries
Ministry Teams work to inspire youth advocacy and young adult awareness about the real issues they face and to help them experience God in their lives as a steady and hopeful presence.

Ministry Teams work with local congregations and can help them to categorize and organize the issues confronting them. Ministry Teams help congregations to objectively separate problems from perceptions.

The goal of Ministry Teams is to help church leaders prepare and take action in areas where their congregation needs to grow and change. Congregational renewal requires skill, resources and leadership and results in increased vitality and positive energy.

Your Association Ministry Teams can help your church overcome issues and reach out into new areas of church growth and development. Whether you encounter challenges with youth ministry, church organization and planning, ministering in a diverse community, or a host of other issues, Ministry Teams can help your congregation build a new future. For more information, please contact the Conference office. If you feel you have time and talents you would like to share with other congregations as a member of an Association Ministry team, please let us know!


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