Strengthen the Church: Faithfully Building the Body of Christ is the special offering of the United Church of Christ that engages all members in the growth and future of local congregations and Conferences. Through the Strengthen the Church offering we further our commitment to be a multiracial, multicultural church, accessible to all. We strengthen and renew existing congregations and fund leadership for new congregations. We provide for exciting new programs for youth and young adults and fund leadership development for the whole church.

Starting in February 2001, Conferences now direct 50% of giving to Strengthen the Church, engaging in local and regional efforts consistent with the purpose of the offering. Churches are encouraged to contact their Conference office for information about its use of the offering. Conferences are encouraged to provide this information in their church mailings, newsletters, or on their web site. Local Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ directs the other 50%.

The Southern California Nevada Conference is in the process of developing guidelines and a process for disseminating Strengthen the Church grants within our Conference. Stay tuned for more information!

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