Southern California Nevada Conference Mission Grants:

Mission grants are made possible by donations to the Southern California Nevada Conference from individuals, congregations, and foundations. As part of the SCNCUCC, you, your congregation, or your SCNCUCC-related group are invited to discern how God is still speaking to you and develop your mission! In order to help you further your mission, you are invited to apply for a SCNCUCC Mission Grant.

Mission Grant applications are accepted on a continual basis and are reviewed by a sub-committee of the SCNCUCC Board of Directors at their bi-monthly meetings. You are invited to apply for one grant per calendar year for a particular project. You may apply for multiple grants in the same year for multiple projects.

Grants are reviewed and awarded based on the following considerations:
• Availability of funds
• Consistency with SCNCUCC mission priorities and intended uses of the particular mission grant fund to which you are applying
• Clarity of purpose and scope of project
• Fair and reasonable dispersal of funds to various individuals, groups, and congregations across the Southern California Nevada Conference

If your grant is approved, you will receive an award letter from the office of the Southern California Nevada Conference.

We encourage you to submit your application via email if possible. Thank you and we look forward to hearing how God is still speaking through your mission work!

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