Excellence in Teaching Award

The Worship and Education Ministry Team of the United Church of Christ Local Church Ministries presents Excellence in Teaching Awards at every General Synod. Nominations for the following are invited:

*outstanding educators, lay or ordained, employed or volunteer, who exemplify excellence in teaching and who are members of UCC congregations and/or who teach in an institution, agency, or mission related to the United Church of Christ

*educational programs in settings related to the United Church of Christ which exemplify excellence in teaching

Examples of educational settings in which nominees may be engaged include local churches; the home; Conferences and Associations; colleges, universities and seminaries; public and private schools, campus ministries; outdoor ministries; community and/or world mission; hospitals, prisons and the military; and the media of publication, broadcasting and telecommunications.

Nominations and letters of reference may be submitted by any member of the United Church of Christ, using the official nomination form.

Nominations are typically due by March 15th of the year in which General Synod takes place.

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