Quick News from Jane
Hi All!

Well, I have no idea where this started or by whom. I googled it and found several sites but didn't really research it.   But when I first saw this last week in the newsletter of a church I had served long ago, I thought it would be a good thing to share in case others, like me, hadn't heard of it before.  Whether it's some 'official' thing or not, I can tell you that care and tending of your pastor is an important sign of a healthy, loving congregation.  In fact, I'm lobbying for year round 'pastor appreciation'!  But just as that's true for Mothers and Fathers, there is something extra about having a time set for special attention to those who do so much for others.  So whether or not someone made up this notion, it's still a great incentive/excuse/ motivation/reason to do some special things for your pastors  Here are just a few ideas:  take a pastor to lunch!  Write a thank you note!  Leave surprise treats on their desk!   Give a gift certificate for a movie or dinner.  Do something to improve their office.  Buy a book gift certificate.  Have children do some art as only children can do saying 'thank you' to the pastor!  Whatever you do, I can assure you it will be appreciated in turn.  So don't wait for their next big ordination anniversary---do something this month to say 'we appreciate you' to your pastors.