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Subject: Quick News from Jane: General Synod is coming--- in June 2009 to Grand Rapids MI and HERE in 2013!
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Quick News From Jane
Jane Fisler Hoffman, Interim Conference Minister
Greetings Southern California Nevada friends!
Great news!!   At the invitation of your Board of Directors, the United Church of Christ Executive Council voted last week to accept that invitation and this Conference will host the 2013 General Synod in Long Beach CA!  (The location is selected not only according to which Conference makes an invitation but our Associate General Minister makes careful study of multiple available locations and costs, seeking the best 'deal' for the whole church from an expense perspective as well as moving the location around the country...)
Friends, this is a GREAT opportunity!  More of our local church members can readily attend a General Synod and see how the national setting of the church really looks and works!  The Conference will be asked to form a Local Arrangements committee with many subcommittees so lots of SCNC folks can be part of things.  Sure, it will be some work but also a lot of fun and very rewarding to see it all come together.  I know I will look forward to coming from wherever I am then to enjoy the wonderful work you all will have done!
In the meantime, don't forget that EVERYone is welcome at any General Synod so consider attending the 09 Synod in Grand Rapids.  In addition to our 11 delegates, another 12 folks from SCNC have already registered as visitors.  If you can possibly attend, I commend it as a potentially life-changing experience.  The speakers can be powerful, there are moments of amazing depth and I can tell you that I have seen the Holy Spirit work through the deliberations of delegates.  Worship at Synod can be inspirational and powerful. Plus the feeling of 'family reunion' is great.  You can learn more and register as a visitor at
Lenten blessings,

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