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     Carbon is an integral part of Creation.  It is in the air we breathe, the soil we farm, and every living thing. But too much carbon, in the form of carbon dioxide, leads to air pollution and climate change.  As stewards of God's Earth, we are called to protect and serve Creation and ensure that our choices reflect the needs of the most vulnerable.  Today, our carbon dioxide emissions, from our increasing use of energy, are at unprecedented levels and threatening the health of Creation and our communities.  Send a note to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) telling them you support stronger standards for carbon emissions from power plants.  You can do that by clicking here:


     The EPA recently proposed a standard that would limit the amount of carbon dioxide emissions from new power plants. This is our first opportunity to reduce greenhouse gases, improve our air quality and address global climate change at the same time.  Again, you can comment directly to the EPA in support of these standards.  If the link does not work for you, please cut and paste address this into your browser:  It should do the same thing.  And may I share a tip that has been shared with me?  I have learned that whenever you add a line or change something in an "action letter" it carries ten times the weight.  So when you send your comment in, you may use testimonies about your own experience. 






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