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Annual Gathering
If you haven't registered for Annual Gathering, I would like to invite you to do so right away.  This year's program promises to be great! The Planning Committee has been working hard at offering a meaningful and exciting experience.  If you have never participated in the Annual Gathering, this would be a great opportunity to network, obtain new tools for your congregation, and be spiritually uplifted through great worship. This year, we will have the opportunity to ratify the National UCC Unified Government Resolution.  In addition, our General Synod Local Arrangements Committee will unveil our master plan from this event to be held in Long Beach, June 28-July 3, 2013. Register online at:


Summer Camp at Pilgrim Pines
The transition to the new management with UCCR is well on its way.  We have been working on some operational details and anticipate a smooth process.  Having said that, we also expect to we will experience some "growing pains" as we move forward into a new model and leadership style.  In the meantime, I have issued a challenge to our Conference staff to lead by example and volunteer to work at Pilgrim Pines during Summer Camp. 
We still need about 30 volunteer counselors per week.  Libby, Keith, Neal, and I have already signed up for various slots and look forward to supporting this important ministry. For more information visit:




SCNCUCC Strategic Plan
Your Conference Staff, along with our Board of Directors has initiated a strategic plan process which will culminate in a strategic plan retreat in July.  We would like to have your input in this process.  To that effect, I would like to invite you to answer a short, confidential, online questionnaire at:  Your responses will help us develop an effective plan for the next five to ten years. 


Barstow New Church Re-start
For a few months now, our Conference has been in conversation with First Congregational, Barstow to begin a new ministry there.  We have partnered with the Disciples of Christ Region (DOC) in this project.  This will be a joint ministry between our two denominations.  We have created a joint Ministry Team. The team includes two members of our current Barstow congregation as well as members of both our staff.  Together, we have identified a candidate to be the new-church start pastor.  The candidate is a DOC Licensed Minister, Latino, Open and Affirming, who is currently working on his M.Div. as Claremont School of Theology.  As part of our agreement, the candidate will seek Partnership Standing in the UCC.  We anticipate the official launching of this new ministry in late July.  Please, keep this new ministry in your prayers.


Theological Education
One of the things I commonly hear when I assist churches in the Search and Call process is that they want to call ministers who have received quality theological education.  I rejoice when I hear about the value our congregations place on education.  The stark reality is that our seminaries are struggling financially. I just returned from a trip to Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS), where I serve as Trustee.  CTS is one of our most successful theological schools, yet there is concern about what the future might bring if churches do not come forward and support the institution.  I would like to invite each of our congregations to designate mission offerings to support our seminaries through scholarships and other financial support.  This is the only way we will be able to continue to provide quality theological education to our new and upcoming pastors.

Our seminaries include: Andover-Newton Theological Seminary (, Bangor Theological Seminary (, Chicago Theological Seminary (,  Eden Theological Seminary (, Lancaster Theological Seminary (, Pacific School of Religion (, United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities ( There are other seminaries that have historically been related to the UCC.  For a complete list visit: Please, notify our Conference office if you choose to support any of these institutions.

New Open and Affirming Church
Congratulations to First Congregation Church of Glendale on their unanimous vote to become our latest ONA church!


May Birthdays
May 1

James Bowser 


May 3

David Sigmund    


May 4

Harold S. Schultz  


May 5

Helen A. Archibald        
Stanley L. McGuire 


May 6

Courtney Erland Peterson           
John Whitacre 
Richard Dwaine Freeman 


May 7

John R. Calhoun                            


May 8

Linda Bos 
James D. Findlay


May 15

Douglas P. Koehler   


May 17

James McKnight   


May 18

Steven Mabry 


May 19
Donna Eubanks  


May 20

Betty Sue Sherrod  


May 21

Mark L. Rohrbaugh 


May 23

Joseph M. McGowan  


May 24

Edward Henry Bloomfield


May 27

Lloyd W. Fellows  


May 28

Arden Fritz 


May 31

Teresa Jean LePage  





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