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Japan Earthquake/Tsunami:

Our thoughts and prayers go to our brothers and sisters in Japan as they struggle to recover from this devastating natural disaster. Many members of our Conference have relatives and friends in Japan. So far, our office has not received any news of lives lost. We ask you to join us in continued prayers for all.

We have received various inquiries asking how to donate money to the disaster relief. Through the giving of One Great Hour of Sharing, we are already providing assistance.  Additionally, the United Church of Christ has created a website and has issued a special offering for the "Pacific Earthquake/Tsunami ( If you are interested in contributing, we suggest checks be made out to your local church with "Pacific earthquake/tsunami" written on the memo line.  This way you can get a receipt for your donation. Your church can then forward the funds to the Conference office.

Korean Ministries:

The Church Vitality Team sponsored a "Come and See" workshop for prospective independent Korean churches seeking affiliation with the UCC. We hosted ten Korean pastors from across the U.S. (two from the Los Angeles area).  There was a lot of excitement among the pastors present. We ask for your prayers as we move forward in discernment with this new ministry possibility.

Weekly Prayers:

The Conference staff will be lifting our churches up in prayer during our Tuesday staff meetings. Every week, Virginia will contact three churches to ask for specific prayer requests. Below is the list for March 2010:

Alpine Community                                                                  3/9/11

Altadena Community Church                                                 3/9/11

Arcadia Congregational Church                                             3/9/11


Arvin, Union Congregational Church                                     3/16/11

Atascadero, Community Church of Atascadero                     3/16/11

Bakersfield, First Congregational Church                              3/16/11


Barstow, First Congregational Church                                   3/23/11

Barstow, Mexican Congregational Church                            3/23/11

Bloomington Congregational Church                                    3/23/11


Brea, Congregational Church UCC                                        3/30/11

Buena Park, First Congregational Church                            3/30/11

California City, Community Church                                      3/30/11


Welcome to SCNCUCC:

Join me in welcoming the following individuals to ministries in our Conference:

7/26/10             David Auten                        First Congregational Church, Ramona
8/12/10             Elizabeth Aguilar                  Associate Pastor, Claremont UCC
10/24/10           Phil Corr                             First Congregational, Escondido
9/1/10               Andrew Schwiebert             First Congregational Church, Pasadena
11/1/10             William Peterson                 Intentional Interim, UCC La Mesa
11/7/10             Jerry Garver                        Intentional Interim, Los Alamitos Congregational Church
11/15/10           J. Lee Hill                            Christian Fellowship, San Diego
11/8/10             Paul Clay                             Hillcrest Congregational, La Habra Heights
10/1/10             Anna Runion                        Minister of Youth and Social Justice, Carlsbad, Pilgrim UCC
2/27/11             David Alicea                        UCC of Paradise Hills, San Diego
3/1/11               Lewis Leon                          Highland Congregational Church
3/20/11             Michael Obenauer               Intentional Interim, Manhattan Beach Community Church      


Clergy Birthdays:

This month we celebrate the lives of the following clergy:

Paul E. Klueter                           3/11         Retired

Victor Tejera                              3/13         Retired

David A. Auten                           3/18         First Congregational, Ramona

Joyce Elaine Kirk-Moore            3/18         San Dimas Community Church

David Shaw                                3/19         Pastoral Counselor

Roger Barkley                            3/20         Congregational Church of Northridge

Sally Burton                               3/20         Associate Pastor, First Congregational, San Bernardino

Marcia Hoffman                        3/20         Retired

Kenneth A. Coates                    3/21         Retired

Charles Hoover                         3/21         Associate Pastor, Corona del Mar Comm. Church Cong

James Walter Ewing                 3/22         Pastoral Counselor

Donna Mae Babb                      3/23         Retired

Paula P. Durrant                        3/25         Retired

Frank Amos Johnson                 3/26         Retired

Sandra Beltran Nunnally           3/27         Registrar, Southern Association

David Alicea                              3/27         UCC of Paradise Hills

Donald Stuart                            3/28         Retired

Inez Tarbell                               3/29         Retired

Philip Tsuchiya                         3/30         Retired

Barbara Smith Noyes                3/30         Spiritual Director

Kel Henderson                         3/30         First Congregational Church, Corona

Steven J. Fisher                                    3/31             Corona del Mar Community Church Congregationa






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