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Sunday, February 20, 2011 was a spectacular day! Thank you to all who made that day so special for all present.  Our Board of Directors outdid themselves and the members of Long Beach First Congregation went above and beyond to make sure everyone in attendance felt welcome.  There are so many people who work so hard to make the service and reception a resounding success, that it would be impossible to name them individually. I am full of gratitude for what you have done!  My Conference Ministers colleagues were deeply impressed! Thank you again! 
UCC Cornerstone Fund Update

In November, 2010, the Cornerstone Fund introduced a new product called the "Church Builder Bonus." The concept behind this investment is for individuals to invest a minimum of $10,000 for a five-year term and to designate 10% of that to any UCC ministry or organization. Cornerstone investments usually pay a 3% interest. However, the Church Builder Fund pays a 4 % interest.
To date, the Cornerstone Fund has received a total of $1,146,998.12 in checks. Of these monies, $121,325.41 has been gifted to UCC related entities. A breakdown of these entities is as follows:
  6              Conferences                       $ 17,015.71
37              Local Churches                  $ 91,275.20
  2              National OCWM                 $   2,501.64
  2              Seminaries                         $   2,650.00
10              Other                                    $   7,882.86
Included in the 10 other were gifts to The Christmas Fund, Neighbors in Need, and Back Bay Mission.  For more information visit:
SCNC Recognized during Strengthen the Church Breakfast
Our Conference was recognized for being the UCC Conference with the most growth in giving for the Strengthen the Church offering. Your giving has increased steadily for the last 10 years. A special word of gratitude to Neal Washburn, who among other ministries, represents us at the Strengthen the Church Board. Thank you for your generosity and commitment to the ministries of the wider UCC. 





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