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     Psalm 100 is one of my favorite texts in the Bible.  It reminds us that we are to be thankful, for God has created us and has made us God's people.  The promise there is that God's love for us has no limits. There are times in my life I forget and become upset when events in my life don't pan out the way I had envisioned.  Often I forget about the everyday blessings I receive.

     I tend to overlook common blessings. Let me name a few:  a beautiful sunrise or sunset; day and night; love! What about our senses? Being able to see, smell, hear, feel, and taste. If you don't believe these are blessings, just ask those among us who cannot use one or more of those senses. Sometimes I forget the fact that good health is a gift and I need to be thankful. I must confess sometimes I take other gifts such as a wonderful spouse, a great family life, a wonderful and caring church, and faithful friends for granted.  These are very simple things in life, yet they are the most important and I need to learn to be thankful for them.

     What do you think would happen if each one of us suddenly became more thankful?  What will happen if all of us suddenly became more appreciative? I don't know what comes to your mind but I know for sure that when I was younger, my mother would have been really pleased; and now that I am older, I know that Sherry would be very happy if I expressed my appreciation a little bit more often than I already do. 

     In Ephesians, chapter five, the writer tells new Christians how they should live, it says: "Give thanks to God [the Father] at all times and for everything in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ."

     So let us give thanks, this coming Thursday, for all the food and all the goodies and for family and friends and all the blessings, yes, and for the turkey and let us not forget to give thanks every day. Amen.