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First, Thank you for all of the nominations for the Outstanding Women Award!  We received several.


"Pastor/Parish Relations Committee" for Conference Minister
The SCNC Board of Directors has appointed a committee to support our Conference Minister.  This committee will talk with Felix at least quarterly to learn of his experiences and concerns, to celebrate his and the conference's accomplishments, and to offer suggestions.  This committee is a confidential support mechanism for Felix, not a conduit for complaints.  If you have ideas about how we might best support our conference minister, please contact one of the committee members, whose email addresses are listed below.


Joe McGowan  {}
Janet Vandevender  {}
Pat Walton {}
Joe Zarro {}


Be a Global Mission Church: Will you accept the challenge?
The UCC/DOC Global Ministries team would like to accompany you on a journey as you reach out beyond our national boundaries to engage in God's transforming mission with our international partners. In the summer of 2009, the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) passed resolutions at our Disciples General Assembly and UCC General Synod affirming our two denominations' commitment to Be a Global Mission Church. Our Conference and the DOC Region have partnered in this commitment. Our Global Missions Committee has set a goal of 20 churches in 2011 who will answere the call. Are you one of them? For more information visit:

Chapman received as a United Church of Christ School
On October 29, 2010, Chapman University was welcomed into the United Church of Christ Council for Higher Education, making it the third school (the others are Tougaloo College and Drury University) to have a dual affiliation with both Disciples and the UCC.

Chapman sought this relationship because of the program that they offer to United Church of Christ students.  The children of ministers of either denomination receive half tuition as well as youth who have served their Disciples Region or UCC Conference in youth leadership. All who participate in the Chapman student group called Disciples on Campus receive $2,000 annually to help with their tuition.

"We are enriched as denominations because of our special Partnership relationship. It makes great sense to officially recognize this partnership in the university setting," said Nancy Brink, Director of Church Relations at Chapman. "Having this official designation will help us recruit excellent UCC youth from across the nation," continued Brink. "We work to create a community of students who not only remain church connected, but leave Chapman ready to be transformational leaders in congregations."

The United Church of Christ relationship will be celebrated on March 18- 19, 2011 as Chapman celebrates Founders Day. Speakers at the event include John Shelby Spong, Newell Williams, Alvin Jackson, and Anne Lamott. Next year is 150th anniversary of Chapman University, founded by the Disciples of Christ. For information about the event, go to


JWM "Public Policy Briefing Book"
In 2009, the UCC Justice and Witness Ministries office published the "2009-2010 Public Policy Briefing Book."  The book provides a list of key issues as well as policies to be considered by the 111th Congress. The 112th Congress will soon take office, but some of the issues still remain. In addition, the book provides valuable tools for making public statement, writing "Letters to the Editor" and "Op-eds." For more information, visit

Benediction: God's Punctuation by Richard C. Grauman
Richard shared the following Benediction with those who attended the Central Association fall meeting on October 30. Many of you requested a copy of the prayer, so here it is:
We are the UCC ... God is still speaking!
Now bless our lives, O God, with sacred punctuation:
May we recognize Your comma, where we have placed a period;
May the crookedness of Your question mark remind us there are things to ask, things to discover and justice to be done;
May Your semi-colon point out more than words of opposed meaning;
May Your ellipses give us time to pause, time to reflect and time to contemplate any unfinished thoughts;
May Your dash be the only difference that separates our contrasting values;
And may Your exclamation point affirm our strong feelings of commitment, renewal and thanksgiving with a high volume AMEN!