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Volunteer Needed:

Our office is in desperate need of a volunteer with the following skills:

 Mid-level computer knowledge (database, word processing)
 Good organizational skills
 Familiar with the UCC

For more information or to volunteer, contact Keith Clark, Conference Director of Finance, Administration and Communication at:


Ballot Recommendations for November 10 Elections:

The California Council of Churches has published ballot recommendations for the November 10, 2010, Statewide General Election. This is a summary of their recommendations:
Proposition 19: Yes      Proposition 22: No       Proposition 25: Yes
Proposition 20: Yes      Proposition 23: No       Proposition 26: No
Proposition 21: Yes      Proposition 24: Yes      Proposition 27: No

For the discussion on each of these recommendations visit:



Conference Minister's Calendar Availability for January-March 2011:

Many of you have extended invitations to me to visit your congregations. The following is a list of open dates:

January  9, 23, 30
February 6
March  6, 27

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