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The Nashville area has suffered from massive flooding due to the rain back in May.  A great effort is being coordinated to provide assistance.  Please read the information below and consider if you might be willing to help. 
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Nashville is Ready for You!
Early in May of this year torrential rains caused massive flooding in the Nashville area.  The Long Term Recovery Committee (LTRC) is now moving forward with receiving volunteer work groups to assist with repairing homes in the Nashville area.  We are grateful to the Brookmeade UCC for their willingness to provide housing for work groups; additionally, we have access to other housing if Brookmeade is not available in the week a group would like to come and work.  Pam Small of Evansville, IN has agreed to serve as our long term volunteer coordinator (thanks Pam) to register UCC groups.
This is a major effort and currently the Nashville LTRC plans to be at work at least until August 2012.  Below is a link to the UCC site that includes information about the floods; and registration information.  More than 2,000 families and individuals are in need of assistance to be back in their homes.
Please share this information throughout your Conference.
Florence Coppola,
Executive, National Disaster Ministries
UCC Wider Church Ministries
700 Prospect Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115
216-736-3211; toll free: 1-866-822-8224 x-3211
Fax: 216-736-2294
"National Disaster Ministries' are supported by OCWM and OGHS."

Volunteer work group registration link: