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Conference Projects


The Southern California Nevada Conference Board of Directors initiates church development projects in cooperation with the national United Church of Christ Local Church Ministries. The Conference Board and national Local Church Ministries work together to seek pastoral leadership and fund new church starts.

The Conference and Local Church Ministries are currently funding three local church starts:

Northwest Community Church in Las Vegas is a progressive community with contemporary worship that was launched on Easter Sunday in 2001. The church pastor is Rev. David Krueger-Duncan. The church charter was signed on April 27, 2003, and the Eastern Association granted Northwest Community Church full standing as a United Church of Christ church on May 3, 2003! 

Centro Familiar Cristiano in North Hollywood is a family-centered Latino church start that was launched in December of 2001. The church now has full standing in the Central Association!  Centro Familiar Cristiano also provides a social ministry outreach to Spanish-speaking families living in the area surrounding the church. The church pastor is Rev. Hamleth Terrones.

Immanuel Latino Ministries began in Sept. 2005 under the leadership of the Rev. Haller Terrones. Haller was ordained into the UCC on October of 2005 by the Central Association.  He is assisted by his wife Annica who is an MDiv student at Fuller Seminary.  Immanuel Latino Ministries is in So. Central LA in one of the most economically depressed areas of the city where this Conference has a long history of mission efforts. We are now serving a predominantly Spanish speaking new immigrant constituency.